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July Classes at The Inner Space

This list is subject to change! Please see The Inner Space website for more classes and changes to the schedules!

10am-8pm, 2 Weekends Monthly
with Andrea Bagby

What if you could do the thing you love and change to a prosperous, health centered career? Love Yoga, but feel too old, too fat or too something else and not enough of the other to follow Yoga as a career? This training is designed for all body types. Athletic ability not required. Connect on a mind, body & spirit level. Open hearts, mindfulness, and a passion for teaching is a must. Includes: 6 branches of yoga, an in depth look at the chakra system ,Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master Attunement, How energy exchange works Connecting to your own intuition Workshop Facilitator Certification and much more. 10am-8pm (breaks of course) 2 Weekends Monthly ($2500 Pre-registration with minimum down payment required.or Sign up with Paypal and make seven $350 monthly payments.

Save $50 and sigh up for PayPal financed payment plan. Everybody qualifies for financing! PayPal here.

FULL Moon Ritual
July 23, 7:30 – 9:30pm, $20
with Maxine

Connect with the powerful lunar energy of a Full Moon. On the Full Moon, the earth and Sun are aligned like the new Moon, but the Moon is on the other side of the earth directly opposite the Sun. Thus, the entire illuminated portion can be seen on earth, full and round. This represents fertility, transformation, completion, and abundance. A suitable time for letting go of what no longer serves us. Use these lunar energies to bring completion to projects and help you flower your ongoing pursuits. Make your intentions centered on your life’s greatest wishes. 7:30 – 9:00 PM
Join Maxine in a sacred in circle where we will share wisdom and inspire each other. You will enjoy guided meditation, a water bowl ceremony and leave with a gift we create together. PayPal here.

Sat July 24, 11am – 4pm, $175
with Andrea Bagby

Prerequisite Reiki Level 1. The level 2 Reiki student will learn distance healing so that he/she may work with clients in remote locations, even over the telephone. This is the second of 3 attunements that will take you through the Usui Reiki Master Attunement and prepare for Karuna Ki attunements, followed by Holy fire Reiki certification. $175 11am-4pm Pre-registration required. PayPal here.

with Valerie Que
THURSDAY, JULY 29 7:30 – 9:30 PM $20

Former Tarot students, Tarot enthusiasts, novice and professional readers are all invited. Come swap readings & pick up tips and pointers from other readers. Valerie will be available to help out if you get stuck on a card or question. Join in the fun and sharing of readings. $20 Paypal here.

Law of Attraction Meetup 2nd & 4th Tuesdays
Anna is our Anchor
7:30 – 9 PM, All Are Welcome!
Minimum Donation $10

Every Wednesday
Hosted by Trey
7:30 PM $20 –
Check the Inner Space Web Site for weekly topics!

Like Minded Singles
4th Friday Monthly
LIKE MINDED SINGLES – Night of Healing and Self Love – Whether you are single or getting free from a complicated relationship join us for a evening of healing. Healing the heart is essential for moving on and having a healthy relationship. Hosted by Trey Royal at The Inner Space 404-252-4540
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June Classes

Saturday, June 5 11 AM – 5 PM HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION John Henderson, DD, CHt

The first 2 weekends are a stand-alone course with a certification from Atlantian Mystery Schools in which you will learn to hypnotize. The balance of 6 additional weeks comprises the National Guild of Hypnotists Certification Course. including training for use […]

May 2021 Classes

Thursday, May 27 Full Moon Ritual 7:30-9pm with Maxine Call in harmony. Connect with the powerful lunar energy of a Full Moon. Drop into the energy of this total lunar eclipse. On the Full Moon, the earth and sun are aligned like the new moon, but the moon is on the other side of […]

April 2021 Classes


Do you sometimes feel that you do not belong in this place or time? Do you sometimes, upon meeting someone new, get the feeling that you have known that person before. This could be a strong attraction or repulsion. Do […]