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October 2021 Classes

New Talent Psychic Fair Sunday, October 24! Noon – 7pm
Walk In Only No Pre-Bookings by Phone
Come in and book with the reader that you wish to see.

BIRDWOMAN – Medium, Animal Communicator, Intuitive Healer—Rosemary (Bird Woman) was born an artist with a penchant for the metaphysical and healing arts. She is a medium, animal communicator, intuitive healer, ceremonialist and Co-Director of Adventures in Empowerment Retreats.

DR. FREE – Certified Life Coach, Intuitive, Tarot, Energy Healer, Teacher – She uses oracle and tarot cards to connect you to your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels.

J.R. REGAL – Healer & Teacher of Self Empowerment- helps you overcome Worry, Anxiety, Stress, Negativity, Tension and more with his mind, heart, body and soul technologies. Quickly, he can assess your hands and forearms to determine the depth of your presenting condition. His areas of expertise are: Palmistry, Soul Healing and Relationship Astrology. His services include longevity training. In addition, J R conducts initial root cause hypnotherapy sessions at the Inner Space.

KARMIC KATHY – Psychic Medium, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Pendulum, Dowsing Rods, Intuitive Empath- Kathy is a student of the light, receiving messages from spirit, at times using different divination techniques. Her journey has allowed her to bring messages to help guide you on a more insightful and peaceful path towards your highest self.

LOLA – Medium and Intuitive- Lola began to recognize that she could read people while studying to become a massage therapist. When she began working, doing chair massage at the psychic fairs, she realized that she too was psychic and able to deliver profound messages.

PRESTON – Medium, Ancestral Priest, Shaman, Tarot, Empath, Past Life Regressions . Preston is an intuitve, shaman that is skilled into looking into your life and the otherside to pull the very best part of you out. He is also a Ancestral Priest that can use his skill to help break generational curses, life stagnation, and hard life choices.

RIVER – Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant – No bio available at this time

ROBERT HOWELL – Tarot, Intuitive – My Mom, Sara K Howell was a prominent psychic in Atlanta for over 40 years. I studied Tarot under Frank Rambo, nationally known psychic, at the Foundation of Truth and began reading over 30 years ago I hold a degree from Mercer University Atlanta in Theology and Philosophy Have read Tarot professionally in Atlanta, GA and Austin TX

TISHA — Intuitive Tarot Reader, Certified Life Coach, Astrologer- She is an intuitive tarot reader who uses her intuition to illuminate what already exists inside you. She is here to guide you on your path to finding your truth. She is not here to judge because she understands that everyone has their own journey and experiences.

TRE – Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Pendulum, Crystals – Tre is an intuitive reader that uses Tarot, pendulum, and clairvoyance to help guide you through life’s tough journeys. He can assist with karmic debts, manifestions, and life coaching! Also a teacher at the Inner Space.

VYRONA “LADY TRUTH” – Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient. Empowering people to embrace their authentic self through reading energy, tarot, and other metaphysical tools. Vyrona is a clear channel of the spirit world. She cultivates positive responses in the energy field unlocking the full potentials of individuals. Vyrona is a mom, yoga teacher, and a professional metaphysician. She looks forward to welcoming you into her community of wellness.

10 AM – 1PM $75
Valerie Que & Dr. Etricia Mills

Learn how to create a layout with the Tarot, depicting your desired outcome. We will teach you how to create an altar with your cards and corresponding candles to activate during the strongest planetary days and hours corresponding to the magical workings you wish to achieve. You will learn how to create a story line of the situation as you wish it to be using the Tarot cards. You will also learn how to create a layout which describes the overall life you wish to create for yourself.The closely guarded secrets of successful metaphysicians will be revealed to you in this 4 hour workshop. We will teach you how to create an altar with your cards and corresponding candles to activate during the strongest planetary days and hours corresponding to the magical workings you wish to achieve and clear energy that could be keeping you from obtaining your desires. Please Pre-register. Paypal here.

ANNUAL HALLOWEEN SEANCE AND 30th Anniversary Party!!
Sunday October 31 7:30-9:30
Preregister by 10/29 and get $30/1 OR $50/2 pricing!
After 10/29, $35 per person at the door.
Party after séance is FREE!

Come join your friends and family on both sides of the veil. The spirits begin to gather several days before this event each year. Is there someone waiting to have a reunion with you?

Please JOIN US for our 30th Anniversary party after the seance! It’s free and everyone is invited!

Law of Attraction Meetup
2nd & 4th Tuesdays

Every Wednesday
Hosted by Trey
7:30 PM $20

Previous classes this month:
Sharon Reynolds

Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic influence on our lives. Their dynamic vibrations have a profound effect on our lives. This class covers what Numerology is, what its uses are, how to apply it to your life, and how it works as a tool for self-empowerment. Come and learn simple calculations that identify and give insights into your life purpose, your gifts, talents, as well as the challenges in your life. 1 – 5 PM $75 Please Preregister so that we may have your birth date information. Paypal here.

Monday, October 11
6 week class $195 plus $10 materials
Integrating Our Chakras
with Maxine

The Chakras are our physical connection with our energetic body and the Divine. By understanding the function of each of the Chakras and energizing it according to it’s function, we are able to more fulling integrate the energies into our lives bringing about balance, harmony and peace to those areas that may be out of balance.
This balance can help us in finding harmony in our tribe, our family and with ourselves where money, control, sexuality, love, speaking our truth, and gaining a fuller understansing of our spiritual nature. Join Maxing for 6 weeks of delving into our power centers. PLEASE PRE REGISTER. 6 Weeks $195 + $10 materials.

Psychic Fair
October 16 & 17
10 AM – 8 PM Saturday
Noon – 6 PM Sunday
Readings only
$20 or 2/$35*
Make your Reservations NOW! 404-252-4540
Madame Gypsy’s Cafe will Be Serving Vegan Food Both Days!
We begin taking reservations for this fair on Monday, October 11 404-252-4540

FULL Moon in Aries Circle
Monday 10/20/2021 7:30-9:30pm $20
with Maxine

The Aries Moon Brings manifestation! Focus on your desires with this lunar energy to make dreams come true. On the Full Moon, the earth and Sun are aligned like the new Moon, but the Moon is on the other side of the earth directly opposite the Sun. Thus, the entire illuminated portion can be seen on earth, full and round. This represents fertility, transformation, completion, and abundance. Join in chanting, drumming and toning with singing bowls. Bring your own drum, rattle or bowl if you wish. A suitable time for letting go of what no longer serves us. 7:30 – 9:00 PM
Join Maxine in a sacred in circle where we will share wisdom and inspire each other. Please Reserve Your Space by Monday at Noon so we may arrange our room to give comfortable seating for everyone. Paypal here.

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