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September 2021 Classes

Witchcraft 101 Begins Sept. 2
Thursdays, 7:30 – 9:30 PM
6 Weeks $195 + Materials
Witchcraft is a branch of magickal practice that is empowering, enlightening, nature-focused, yet practical and, at times, has a very simple approach. While anyone can be a witch, this is a path for the open minded and creative student. There will be different forms of learning in this class including learning best practices, spells, how to create magick, ethics, basic knowledge and use of magickal tools and how to strengthen a student’s belief in themselves and their power. PayPal here.

John Henderson, DD, CHt
The first 2 weekends are a stand-alone course with a certification from Atlantian Mystery Schools in which you will learn to hypnotize. The balance of 6 additional weeks comprises the National Guild of Hypnotists Certification Course. including training for use with clients for: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Sports Enhancement, and more. First 2 weeks is a stand alone hypnosis course priced at $700 which may be applied to the full course at any time. $2400. Early payment discounts Pay now with Paypal and save $300 only $2100 with Pre-registration. 11 AM – 5 PM Pre-Registration Required Paypal for Hypnotherapy here. Paypal for certification here.

6 weeks Wed 2-4pm
Hope Riveron

Have You Longed to Paint, Draw, Create? Even if You Have Never Tried…Inside your spirit, there is a natural talent that everyone is born with. You can tap into this talent with a little direction & by learning how to contact your higher self! Hope Riveron is a self taught Fine Art artist following her God given talent to paint nature’s beauty from animals to landscapes and beyond. She will guide you to unveil your inner artist in this 6 week class. Pre-registration Required. 6 Wednesday Afternoons 2 – 4 PM $200 + Materials. Paypal here.

Sherry Henderson

The advanced beginner student will be introduced to the finer arts of planetary transits, solar returns, progressions and how to integrate the energies of these charts. Fine tune your readings and incorporate lunations, and transits to planetary rulers. Materials provided, but an ephemeris from 2000 – 2050 or beyond will be necessary. (Available at Hoot Own Attic. 20% discount for those who are registered in this class) $75 Pre-Registration Required. Paypal here.


Sharon Reynolds

Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic influence on our lives. Their dynamic vibrations have a profound effect on our lives. This class covers what Numerology is, what its uses are, how to apply it to your life, and how it works as a tool for self-empowerment. Come and learn simple calculations that identify and give insights into your life purpose, your gifts, talents, as well as the challenges in your life. Please Preregister so that we may have your birth date information. Paypal here.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24 10am-1pm $75
Valerie Que & Dr. Etricia Mills

Learn how to create a layout with the Tarot, depicting your desired outcome. We will teach you how to create an altar with your cards and corresponding candles to activate during the strongest planetary days and hours corresponding to the magical workings you wish to achieve. You will learn how to create a story line of the situation as you wish it to be using the Tarot cards. You will also learn how to create a layout which describes the overall life you wish to create for yourself.The closely guarded secrets of successful metaphysicians will be revealed to you in this 4 hour workshop. We will teach you how to create an altar with your cards and corresponding candles to activate during the strongest planetary days and hours corresponding to the magical workings you wish to achieve and clear energy that could be keeping you from obtaining your desires. Please Pre-register! Paypal here.


FULL Moon in Pisces Circle
Monday 9/20/2021 7:30-9pm $20
with Maxine

The Pisces Moon thins the veil to other realms. On the Full Moon, the earth and Sun are aligned like the new Moon, but the Moon is on the other side of the earth directly opposite the Sun. Thus, the entire illuminated portion can be seen on earth, full and round. This represents fertility, transformation, completion, and abundance. Join in chanting, drumming and toning with singing bowls. Bring your own drum, rattle or bowl if you wish. A suitable time for letting go of what no longer serves us. 7:30 – 9:00 PM Join Maxine in a sacred in circle where we will share wisdom and inspire each other. $20 Paypal here.

Law of Attraction Meetup
2nd & 4th Tuesdays
BACK in September!

Every Wednesday
Hosted by Trey
7:30 PM $20 PayPal here.
Check the Inner Space Web Site for weekly topics!
8th- Kicking Bad Habits: Living Your Best Life
15th- Unlocking the Magic within
22nd- Connecting with the Ancestors pt.1
29th- Healing the future through Ancestors pt.2 (not necessary to take pt. 1 first)

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