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May 2021 Classes

Thursday, May 27
Full Moon Ritual 7:30-9pm

with Maxine
Call in harmony. Connect with the powerful lunar energy of a Full Moon. Drop into the energy of this total lunar eclipse. On the Full Moon, the earth and sun are aligned like the new moon, but the moon is on the other side of the earth directly opposite the sun. Thus, the entire illuminated portion can be seen on earth, full and round. This represents fertility, transformation, completion, and abundance. A suitable time for letting go of what no longer serves us. The gathering will be a sacred energy of the moon. It will be a time for reflection on what the full moon brings up for you, what you want to manifest, and what needs to shift for your goal to come to fruition. Use this Full Moon energy to bring new opportunities and help you flower your ongoing pursuits. Make your intentions centered on your life’s greatest wishes.

Join us in a sacred circle where we will share wisdom and inspire each other. You will enjoy guided meditation, a water bowl ceremony and leave with a gift we create together. $15 + $5 Materials Pre-Register or Drop-In PayPal Here.

with Sharon Reynolds
SATURDAY, May 29, 1 – 5pm, $75

Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic influence on our lives. Their dynamic vibrations have a profound effect on our lives.This class covers what Numerology is, what its uses are, how to apply it to your life, and how it works as a tool for self-empowerment. Come and learn simple calculations that identify and give insights into your life purpose, your gifts, talents, as well as the challenges in your life. Pre-Registration required! $75 Paypal here.

with Scott Robinson
Saturday, May 29, 1 – 5pm $75

Theosophy is the study of the mystical nature of the Soul and the Divine aspects of Humanity. The Quantum nature of that reality is established as we look at the evolution of the soul and the entanglement of the various parts of the whole. The entanglement of past and present lifetimes , future progression and timelines of various Masters of the Wisdom are examined. Our own movement through time and space leading our ever expanding consciousness on the journey home to source, are examined. The ability to relate the Quantum nature of our energy bodies and chakras will be discussed. I will present a healing method involving the Quantum manipulation of the Chakras; LifeStream Healing. Please join me for amazing information followed by a lively discussion. Pre-Registration required. $75 Paypal here.

with Shiva Juggussar
SATURDAY, May 8, 2:30pm – 6pm $75

In this introduction to Peruvian shamanism, Shiva will discuss the role of a shaman and how the elements are connected to us and to the planet. He will also explain the tools used by a shaman, one of which is the mesa or portable altar. Finally, he will end the class by taking you on a meditative journey to assist you to release negative energy (hoocha) and bring in positive energy (sami) to bring into balance. Printed materials will be provided. $75 Paypal here.

with Andrea Bagby
TUESDAY, May 18, 7:30pm – 9:30pm, 6 weeks $195
This is the second class in a series which takes the beginner to an intermediate level. Introduction to remote viewing, time travel and a deepening of psychic ability are a part of this course work. The student will be prepared to move on to study these topics in depth in 301 level, Mediumship, Remote Viewing, Angel Communications and Astral travel. Students will swap readings as a part of this class. 6 weeks $195 Paypal here.

with Andrea Bagby
WEDNESDAY, May 19, 7:30pm – 9:30pm, 6 weeks $200

What would you create if you had full control of your life? Remove the chaos and crisis management elements to design a world that is free for dreams come true. We will, together, investigate the roots of the chaos in our lives and explore ways jettison limiting or defeating patterns to carve out a space to create a life of happiness and fulfillment. This group will meet weekly for 6 weeks. Pre-registration Required. $200 Paypal here.

with Valerie Que
SATURDAY, May 22, 10am – 1pm, $75 + $10 materials.

It’s a challenge sometimes to find the common link for the cards that make the reading not only interesting but helpful to the seeker. Card Combinations can be helpful in making a good reading a great reading as they can show challenges and benefits that may not be easily recognizable in the standard card and position reading. In this workshop, we will explore card combinations in view of contrasting/enhancing cards, suits, numbers, majors, court cards, and colors. Please Pre-register by 4/18! Paypal here.

New Talent Psychic Fair
Sunday, May 23, Noon to 7 PM

Now accepting new readers for the New Talent fair. If you would like to join our group at our regular monthly fairs, this is the time! Whether you are a seasoned professional who has just moved to the area or who is looking for a change or if you have just decided to go public with your skills, this may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.
Orientation is Friday, May 14, 6 PM Please RSVP.

RSVP to with a brief bio with a little about yourself describing the modality you will be using at the fair. 40 words maximum.

Want a Great Reading for ONLY $10?
Participate as a client! No appointment necessary. All we ask is that you get a reading and give us an evaluation of your reader(s).


6TH SENSE Every Wednesday
7:30 PM $10 Drop-in OR Skype in for half price! Please see the Inner Space site for more info!

Law of Attraction Meetup
2nd & 4th Tuesday Monthly
7:30-9 PM, All Are Welcome!
Minimum Donation $5

Spiritual Yoga for Everybody
Every Friday 11 AM – Noon
$12 Per Session or $50 for 6 Sessions
In person – in store!

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