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December 2020 Classes & Events

January 2021 Sneak Peek!

New Year’s Day All Star Psychic Fair 1/1/2021

2021 Predictions by Inner Space Practitioners Wednesday 1/6/21

Astral Travel Workshop

Astrology & the 7 Rays

Meet Your Inner Physician


Psychic Development 101

Yoga Instructor Certification

Sixth Sense Ongoing Classes
Have you ever had a deja vu experience? Do you sometimes know that the phone will ring and who it will be on the other end of the line? Are your dreams sometimes prophetic? Open up your own psychic gifts & start using your intuition TODAY! No Prior experience necessary. JOIN US IN DECEMBER

All classes are at 7:30 and are $10.

Dec. 2 – Shiva Juggassar – Medicine Wheel

Dec. 9th – Madison – Love & Astrology

Dec. 16th – Madison – Making a Protection Spell Jar

Dec. 23rd – Madison – The Meaning of Yule

Dec. 30th – Madison – Class cancelled for the holiday. Resume January 6

SATURDAY, December 12

Scottt Robinson
The Ascended Masters, in the Theosophical tradition, are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but have undergone a series of initiations. They have mastered time and space and have followed the disciplines of the path of the Christ and the Buddha and have become one with the eternal light. They stand as the way-showers, who lead their disciples back to the center of their own being through that particular ray. In this 6 week class we explore our own ray(s) and meet the Master of each and connect with our own Ray and Ascended Master. We will use this Ray to align our chakras and to bring our energies into alignment and allow for balance as we move into a higher dimension. 1- 6 PM $75 Pre-registration required, pay here.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, December 12 & 13
With Andrea Bagby

Everyone who has the will to communicate with the other side is able to do so. There is no “trick” or “secret”. The real ability lies within the individual who believes in the aftterlife and wishes to make contact. You will learn self protection and discernment along with how to open up to spirit and receive accurate and profound communication from the other side. 10 AM – 5 PM Saturday, 11 AM – 5 PM Sunday $195. Pre-registration Required, pay here.


Spiritual Attraction
2nd & 4th Tuesday Monthly
Law of Attraction Meetup
Magalie is our Anchor
7:30 – 9 PM, All Are Welcome!
Minimum Donation $5 Thank You

Spiritual Yoga for Everybody
with Andrea
Every Friday 11 AM – Noon
$12 Per Session or $50 for 6 Sessions
In person – in store!

New Year's Day Psychic Fair at The Inner Space

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