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November Classes & Events

NO CLASSES WED Nov 25! The Inner Space & The Hoot Owl Attic will be Closed from 4 PM Wednesday, November 25 until 10 AM Saturday, November 27.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23 NEW DATE!! Call for exact time. 6 Week class $195

Kundalini Through the Chakras with Dr. Brittany

This is a class that explores the kundalini at each Chakra level, revealing what kundalini energy is, how it facilitates awakening, how it can be activated while flowing optimally, and how it relates to the well being of your spine.

6 Weeks $195 PAYPAL HERE.

SATURDAY, December 5, 1pm – 6pm
THE ASCENDED MASTERS with Scott Robinson $75

The Ascended Masters, in the Theosophical tradition, are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but have undergone a series of initiations. They have mastered time and space and have followed the disciplines of the path of the Christ and the Buddha and have become one with the eternal light. They stand as the way-showers, who lead their disciples back to the center of their own being through that particular ray. In this 6 week class we explore our own ray(s) and meet the Master of each and connect with our own Ray and Ascended Master. We will use this Ray to align our chakras and to bring our energies into alignment and allow for balance as we move into a higher dimension. $75 Pre-registration required. PAYPAL HERE.

Psychic Fair!
SATURDAY & SUNDAY, Nov 21 & 22
Readings $20 for 20 Minutes, 2/$35
Saturday 10am – 8pm, Sunday 12pm – 6pm
Please see the Inner Space site for complete listings!

SATURDAY, November 14, 11 AM – 3 PM
REIKI LEVEL 1 With Andrea Bagby $175

In the beginner’s class, you learn specific routines that you are encouraged to practice daily. One of Reiki’s great advantages is that it does not require any special equipment and can be practiced anywhere. Reiki brings balance and harmony and supports your body’s natural healing abilities. This is the first of 3 attunements that will take you through the Reiki Master Attunement and prepare for Karuna Ki attunements..
$175 Pre-Registration Required. PAYPAL PAYMENTS HERE.

SATURDAY, November 14, 10 AM – 1:00 PM
ENNEAGRAM 101 with Sharon Reynolds $65

Begin an exploration of the Enneagram. You will discover your core personality type and your “wing”. How you view the world as well as how others see the same world. The Enneagram will tell you what matters to you as well as what matters to others. It explains why people think and behave the way they do. It can also help us understand how we react to stress – and of course this allows us to better know how to deal with stress. This is all presented in ways that make it easy to understand and remember. $65 Pre-Reistration required by 11/11/2020. PAYPAL HERE.

EVOLUTION OF THE TAROT with Valerie Que $65

This workshop will unveil the mysteries of the Tarot through the ages. From some the earliest decks of antiquity, to the Rider-Waite-Smith, we will explore the development of the system of Tarot and how it came about in its current incarnation. This in depth look at the history of Tarot will help us to separate the wheat from the chaff. The evolution of what the cards have come to mean over the centuries will become more evident to us. This examination will help us learn how different decks work for the world we live in today no matter what age and will help us to appreciate and learn more about how we make the cards work for us as individual readers. $65 pre-registration required. PAYPAL HERE.

SUNDAY, November 15, Noon – 3:00 PM
ANGELS TO ASSIST YOU with Dr. Etricia Mills $65

We will be introduced to the angelic realm and learn to make contact. Whether the angelic being that shows up in your life is there to give you a message or to assist you in healing, grief, or your life path, there will be a profound message. Learn to listen to the quietly whispered message from your guardian ange, or from an angel of high magic. Learn how to call on them to change your fate. Come learn about how the Angels can help you on your path. $65 pre-registration required. PAYPAL HERE.

Sunday, November 15, Noon to 7 PM
New Talent Psychic Fair

Now accepting new readers for the New Talent fair. If you would like to join our group at our regular monthly fairs, this is the time! Whether you are a seasoned professional who has just moved to the area or who is looking for a change or if you have just decided to go public with your skills, this may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.
Orientation is Saturday, Nov 7.
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